Pellet Bedding – Add Water Donkeys Love Wood

Donkeys are wood eaters this is not cribbing. Add water to pine pellet bedding to make the bedding expand.  Now the bedding is safe for donkeys. If you do not add water, your donkey will eat the pellets, the pellets expand in their tummy and can cause colic and death. 

*Donkeys are stoic will not show pain until it is to late.

*Donkeys love wood and will eat the pellets. The pellets expand in the tummy and can kill your donkey.

* Looking for wood pellets for bedding? Read the ingredients NO CEDAR.

* ADD WATER TO THE PELLETS, the pellets expand now your bedding is safe for donkeys. 

Melody Johnson

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

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