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Donkeys evolved in the desert and were given the gift of self-preservation in the form of the ability to think and problem solve. Donkeys must have a serious low sugar/protein diet. Donkeys need shelter, fresh clean water and warm water in the winter months. Donkeys are game players. Donkeys do not have the physical speed a horse has to out-run the predator.

Donkeys force humans to learn how to keep many tools in the training tool box. Never force a donkey as the next time you work with the donkey the donkey will not follow you as a leader. Never betray your donkey as your donkey will never forget anything you did or did not do to keep the donkey healthy and safe. First and most important issue is to help our donkey relax and trust us humans and their environment. Outstanding fences, gates and locks are a must as donkeys are visual learners and will quickly learn how to escape.

Humans must learn to set the donkey up for success. Reverse psychology is a must. Learn how to train using exercises and games along with the honor donkey. The three second rule is important along with ending short lessons on a good note. Stay On Donkey Time ® as tomorrow your donkey will show you what he/she has learned.

When a donkey is brought into a new home the donkey will pretend to know nothing. Why? The donkey is leading the human and will continue to lead as long as the human repeats the same mistake over and over. Remember donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys have the ability to think and plan full-time. Donkeys bond for life to humans and animals. Donkeys have photographic memories. Learn Donkey Behavior and your donkey will follow you anywhere you want to go.

Never abuse a donkey. Never betray a donkey. Never bribe a donkey. Learn donkey behavior, personality and psychology. Your donkey is waiting for you!

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