Farm life is the best life! I love our farm, and all of the animals but let me be clear this is not the life for all humans. Our farm animals require twenty-four-seven care, seven days a week no exception.

Our farm is growing low sugar & protein hay and boy does this require some work. My husband Scott is a seriously physically fit middle-aged man, he is constantly lifting heavy items for the farm, moving hand lines, building fences, lifting heavy bales of hay. Did I tell you farming is hard work?

Farms Require Work!

* Farmers work full-time seven days a week, twelve moths out of the year.

*Farmers must have another full-time job to keep the farm alive.

*Farmers do not take vacations very often.

*Farmers must have passion for the farm and the animals.

*Farmers use their personal resources as its difficult to pay someone to run the farm.

*Farmers work in hot, cold, wet, windy, mudy and freezing weather all hours of the day.

*Farmers pray! Farmers pray for sunshine, rain, wind, and for favor to keep the farm running.

*Farms with animals require the farmer to provide food, water, shelter, fences, vet care, and basic husbandry of boring choirs such as picking up poop and composting at least 2 times a day. Picking poop out of the hooves at least three times a week for donkeys, mules and horses, no hoof, no equine.

*Farms require the owner to work full-time with very few breaks or trips away from the farm.

If you can agree to all of the issues above, hurry and get your farm up and running! Congratulations you are indeed a rare human, you are a hard worker and you are a farmer.

God bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

What’s Behind The Barn Door

6 thoughts on “What’s Behind The Barn Door

  1. I appreciate every message you send. I have a 13 yr. old gelding donkey and he is the love of our little farm. He and the horse are best friends. I tell them everyday how much they are loved, plus I show them by my actions and kindness. What a gift they are! Thank you for the knowledge you share. It is important. Linda Hudson

    • Hi Linda,

      I am excited to hear you are learning in my blog. Thank you for taking such good care of your donkey. I am not sure if you are aware? Donkeys are much happier when getting to live with another donkey. No pressure, I just want to let you know the truth not the myth. Same sex geldings with geldings and jennies with jennies is Usually best.

      Have a great day!