Donkeys Evolved From The Desert.

Thinking about bringing home a couple of donkeys?

Donkeys are smart not stubborn. Donkeys are visual learners meaning; Donkeys can watch you do something repetitively and repeat the process. Donkeys are wood eaters. Make sure you have excellent fences, gates and locks.

Donkeys love wood!

Please do not confuse eating wood as cribbing as its not. Donkeys evolved from the desert.

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Miniature Donkey Rocket Man.



American Mammoth Jack Opening The Barn Door

3 thoughts on “American Mammoth Jack Opening The Barn Door

  1. My mule, Andromeda, licks wood – lol! And I first discovered she had an achy knee when I saw her chewing the bark of a White Willow tree. (I now take White Willow for any aches, inflammation – it works.) She is now on a joint supplement, but I thought it was interesting!

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