Does Your Donkey Have A Skin Disorder?

Friends of the Donkey Whisperer Farm,

“I have been receiving an enormous amount of e-mails concerning donkeys that are self-mutilating this time of the year.”

What do I mean by this?  Scratching until they are bleeding and leaving sore spots that if not treated can turn into an infection.

I am not a vet and I do not give out medical information but I am the owner of several donkeys.  Last spring Rocket Man over night self mutilated himself it was unsettling to say the least. Common sense is number one when dealing with this.

Rocket Man scratching on his jaw line


The first thing I do is use my clippers to remove all of the hair around the area. Next I use betadine scrub to clean the area and place cortisone over the itchy place twice a day. This sore cleared up within a week or so and he grew his hair back. Important if the sore does not clear up you need to call the vet as your donkey, mule or horse may need an antibiotic and a culture should be taken to see what it is. FYI; I keep these in my medical kit full-time.

Last November I took the Donkey Symposium from UC Davis. Dr. Stephen White encouraged us to send him photos of dermatology problems as he is passionate about helping us owners with our beloved donkeys.

Select US Davis Vetinary Hospital for more support

Stephen White- BA, DVM


Medicine & Epidemiology

2107 Tupper Hall

Davis, CA 95616

+1 530 752 5908


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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