Select Donkey Milk to read more on the greed of this new business.  Enough is enough no more abuse and greed! Please re-blog this post and help stop the abuse of more donkeys.  I have read it takes fifteen donkeys to make one gallon of milk.

Donkeys forced to produce milk will have baby donkeys, these babies will be sold for very little or die.  These donkeys will not get to feed from their mother as the milk is needed for greed. Sadly, many baby donkeys are killed at birth for the donkey milk.

Donkey Milk is more pain and suffering for donkeys! Enough is enough for the donkey. Please do not purchase any donkey milk products or support businesses that advocate the sale of donkey milk.

Please do not support this greed!


Donkeys have been a beast of burden for far too long. Forced to be dragged by A.T.V.’s in the U.SA. for being stubborn and not moving their feet when scared of their human. Ears cut off for not doing what the owner says and yes much worse things I can’t type here. Please do not let this new business cause more pain and suffering to the most precious and humble creature God created the Donkey.


Donkeys are considered to be worthless in most of the world and it is a horrific myth as donkeys can do everything the horse can do if of full age and tall enough. Donkey can live in domestication thirty to fifty years. Please care and share this blog post.

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GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Donkey Behaviorist

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