GOD is Amazing – A Short Ride On Mr. Rio


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“On the first day of summer we had some outstanding weather in the Pacific Northwest, Washington upper 70’s.  “I thought this is the day I will slip my cow girl socks and boots on one more time as it’s been over three years.”

GOD is amazing, never give up as GOD will never give up on you! Read God Created A Miracle For Me


I am happy to share I was able to ride our mammoth donkey in the arena for fifteen minutes.

 Rio is a complete gentleman, we worked on steering as he has none due to the semi truck accident and me not being able to train and ride. I rode Rio with the Parelli bareback pad, rope halter (no bit, no spurs), carrot stick to help with steering, gloves and his legacy boots on the front as he has shoes on the front.  If my body can continue to get stronger and not go backwards I will be able to ride again. 




Did I mention how tall he is?

Rio is 16’1 at the withers not the ears the last time I stepped up on the steps to get on it was easy now he is way taller than the steps.  Riding him is smooth and easy he is complete gentleman.


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





26 thoughts on “GOD is Amazing – A Short Ride On Mr. Rio

      • Hi Zannyro,

        Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for your concern and wow I appreciate being told I am important to the blogging community of so many talented writers. Have a great day!

      • By horrid, horrid, horrid, I meant that it is so awful that you had to go through something like you have I admire your perseverance and all that entails. If I sounded critical in anyway, please know that it was not my intent..:)

      • Oh my goodness I mis-understood I am deeply sorry. Well everyone of us has a story. Mine is a bit highlighted with trauma for some reason I have lot’s of questions when I get to heaven. Thank you for the explanation. 🙂

      • People really think that you shouldn’t go back to your life? It’s sad that they would think that way…they should be cheering you on!

        BIG HUGS! Suzanne

  1. Yes!!! I am soooo joyful that you were able to ride for a bit!!! 15 minutes is an awesome start!!! Baby steps…. did you hurt much afterwards? How did you feel? You looked so happy up there and I bet Mr. Rio was so thrilled to have you on his back again after so long. I was just wondering how you felt immediately after the ride and the next day, as you know my condition…
    When is your next ride??? 😀

    • I did good, hips, lower back and ribs were sore. I need to order a custom fit saddle for Rio as I think having my legs not hanging will help my pelvis and lower back. Every day I try to do a little more but I walk a fine line of not over doing it and going backwards again. I have had way too many long back steps with back, hip and rib spasms. Not sure when the next ride is but I know it will be happening again soon. Never give up!

      • I bet if you keep riding and have and have that custom made saddle, you maybe able to strengthen those areas that have lost the muscle tone and they won’t spasm anymore, thus relaxing and you will be able to ride more frequently and heal better and faster not only physically but emotionally too.
        I overdo it too all the time and get scolded about it too so I totally know what you mean 😛

      • Yes you understand what it is like to have pain and suffering beyond our control. I am taking everything really slow just like I was taught in physical therapy trying to do more around the house and farm and not over do it. I am excited to see what the future holds I will always be disabled but I am not dead. Equine are healers so many disabled people ride for exercise and I am praying I get to become one of them. 🙂

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