Is Your Donkey, Horse or Mule Smarter Than Your Training Skills?




 I teach resistance free training, not old cowboy abuse. I teach you how to make being with you a fun experience, using balance to keep you in the leadership role at all times. Your safety is number one for me along with the physical, mental and emotional health of your equine. Donkeys never forget anything good or bad so be sure you are training them correctly.

If you are frustrated with your equine give me a try the first forty-five minute meet and greet consultation is free! I have helped people all over the world from my computer to their computer via skype, my videos and my students videos. Home work is given out once a week during our coaching session.  Once you are one of my students you have access to me at no cost for questions via e-mail and instant messaging on facebook.


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If you are tired of having to sedate your donkey to do their hooves or not being able to touch them and take them for a walk etc., I am the person who can help you. I will teach you  how to train your equine to catch you. How to safely teach them to pick up the foot, and more. Please select Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC for more details on my virtual new business.

I am now available for three more new students as I have three students about to graduate, hurry while the weather is nice outside.

Want to learn more call me at (360) 620-5868 or e-mail at


GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!