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Donkeys are not horses with long ears


First comes taming, next comes teaching the donkey, horse or mule to become an honor equine

My husband Scott and I have owned Rio our Mammoth donkey since he was nine months old. He came to us with no training, in fact we could not lead him at all.  Rocket Man came with Rio at thirteen and he had many issues of mis-trust, he is no longer afraid of anything.  Miss Lily my horse came into our lives at twenty months with no training.  I have helped over one hundred people world-wide with their donkeys and mules and a handful of horses learn how to train and stay a leader 100% of the time.

Rio (our Mammoth donkey) two days old


Picking out the hooves should be done each and every day just like brushing your teeth, if not every day at least three times a week.

Imperative to keep the training in place for the trimmer, Farrier or vet.  Additionally this helps you make sure no thrush or rocks are stuck in their hooves. Being a proactive human will keep your equine in optimum health.

Looking for a coach, consultant and trainer?


Select Testimonials to see how I can help you and you can help your equine all from the comfort of your computer. I am now accepting new students again as I just graduated three more students.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged! Melody



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