Riding Rio Our Mammoth Donkey Around The Farm

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Preparing The Donkey For The Farrier

One of the most wonderful days for donkeys owners is the day we bring our donkey(s) home. Donkeys are healthier emotionally, physically and mentally when they have another donkey to grab the neck and play tag. Eat and groom on the withers. One of the first things we must do is get the farrier on a regular schedule to trim the hooves.

In most cases the donkey has not had any form of training for hoof care or the training was used with pain. Donkeys who are trained with pain will remember the pain, making the farrier day difficult. Can this be fixed? Yes. I train the owner or caretaker how to learn donkey behavior, personality and learn stress and relaxation signs. Each of my students can learn how to do an exercise with their donkey and then take me to the farm with them using any smart phone or device. Each video comes with a written book a PDF to learn. I am training the owner or caretaker to train the donkey.

How Often Do We Trim The Hoof?

Six weeks in the spring and summer as the hoof grows faster during the warm seasons

Seven in the fall and winter

Preparation is the key to farrier day

Donkey 101 & 102 Video On Demand with our stick and string trains the owner or caretaker how to train the donkey. Learn how to prepare for the farrier before he/she arrives. Select Our Store to order.

The farriers job is to balance the hoof and trim the hoof. Never to train your donkey. If you expect your farrier to train your donkey this will be a sad day. The donkey must be prepared and trust the human before the farrier work begins.  Preparation and quality exercises in Donkey 101 & 102 will prepare your donkey for the farrier. Please do not expect the farrier to train your donkey. Set your donkey up for success. His life depends on you and your training as re-homing a donkey that cannot get the hooves done and will not come to humans is most difficult.


Donkey 101 focuses on unique and proven techniques that train you, the owner, to train your donkey so you and your donkey enjoy a balanced, positive and rewarding relationship.  Donkey 101 includes 19 instructional videos and a six page PDF that you can print and take to the Farm.


Donkey 101 teaches the fundamentals of resistance-free, natural training for you and your donkey. We offer a holistic training approach that includes insight and guidance into donkey psychology, emotion and behavior. Donkey 101 includes 19 instructional videos with over 1 hour of training content by trainer Melody Johnson and a 6 page PDF outlining and highlighting core training points.

A Small Training Area
Training Tools
On Donkey Time
Building Trust
Three Second Rule
Personal Space
Your Donkey Catches You
Walk-On and Whoa
You are the Leader!
How to Ground Tie
Going in and out of Stalls
Introverts and Extroverts
Backing up
Teaching “Over”
Walk-On, Whoa and Back Up
Donkeys are not Stubborn!
Going in and out of Gates
Taking Your Donkey for a Walk


Donkey 102 E-Training Video Series is for students who have completed Donkey 101. Take an in-depth look into donkey personality, herd mentality, the rescued and traumatized donkey, how to pick up the front and back feet and various other problem solving techniques.

Donkey 102 contains 16 Videos with over 3 hours of training content by trainer Melody Johnson and our 11 page PDF outlining and highlighting core training points.


We are proud to announce our new Donkey 102 E-Training Video Series now available to all students who have purchased and practiced our Donkey 101 Online Training Course. Donkey 102 E-Training Video Series is for intermediate students and takes an in-depth look into donkey personality, herd mentality, the rescued and traumatized donkey, how to pick up the front and back feet and various other problem solving techniques.

1. Introduction
2. Making a Commitment to Your Donkey
3. Knowing the Signs of Stress and Fear in Your Donkey
4. Donkey Personality: Introvert or Extrovert?
5. Understanding Herd Mentality
6. The Rescued or Traumatized Donkey
7. Endorphins Versus Pain
8. Teaching Your Donkey to Tie and Stand
9. Preparing Your Donkey for the Farrier/Veterinarian
10. Blanketing Your Donkey
11. The New DWF Training Tool Stick and String
12. When Your Donkey Does Not Respect You as a Leader
13. Picking Up Your Donkey’s Front Feet
14. Picking Up Your Donkey’s Back Feet
15. Having Fun with Games and Obstacles
16. Conclusion: Your Donkey is Waiting For You!





GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Teaching A Donkey – Does Age Matter?

Wondering if you can teach an old donkey new things? 

The first step in teaching a donkey is taming the donkey, building a relationship built on trust, love, and clear leadership; be a dependable human one who is on time with meals and clean water.  Teaching a donkey to do anything takes patience, timing, emotional control (staying in neutral in your mind), keeping a great sense of humor as donkeys are smarter than some humans 🙂

What does it mean when my donkey comes running at me with his/her ears back?

Important you understand that donkeys are not horses.  Most of the time this means the donkey is excited to see you and playing if your donkey looks angry and has his/her teeth showing in anger than you need to be aware and correct this without abuse.   “Donkeys should not be punished for having their ears back and running at you”, the same as we should not pop them in the face when nipping.  Say NO when they try to nip and mean it when you say it.   Remember safety is most important so pay attention, be plugged in when around your donkey and most importantly enjoy your donkey as a donkey is a gift from GOD.  A well cared for donkey is a donkey that is not abused, this donkey is just like a black lab, they want to be loved on, they want to put their donkey head on your shoulder.

What is the best age to work with a donkey?

Newborn no doubt for imprinting, loving, teaching them to trust us humans but please remember the baby donkey has the attention of a human child.  Small training sessions no more than fifteen minutes and then move on to something the baby donkey loves like a massage etc. 🙂  Donkeys love to be touched, massaged and talked to they are the perfect companion for our human souls.  Our donkeys are like black labs they are always excited to get our human attention but you must understand we have earned the donkeys trust and love.  Relationships take time, take your time.

What is the most difficult age?

Any age after the donkey has been abused by a human or a human authorizing a dog or anything else to torment and hurt the donkey – never forget a donkey never ever forgets good or bad and they are watching to see if you the human will be a great leader and protector or stand by and let them fend for themselves.

Did you know donkeys freeze when scared?

Yes, donkeys can freeze when scared and donkeys can bolt when scared it just depends on the donkey so be prepared to try to help your donkey relax and understand you the human leader will indeed lead and take care of their every need.  Domesticated donkeys need us humans to lead not follow.

Why does my donkey need a purpose to do stuff?

Donkeys are not horses with long ears, donkeys are donkeys.  Donkeys have evolved by stopping and thinking before doing anything they rarely bolt like the horse, remember I said rarely the donkey can get startled and react like a horse but the time they need to calm down is much faster than the horse.

What’s Most Important?

The most important thing I can share with you about training your donkey is to enjoy your donkey.  You chose the donkey the donkey did not choose you!  Everything great in this thing called life takes a bit of hard work and owning donkeys is a gift from GOD in Jesus Christ precious name.  Please remember all animals have feelings, all animals depend on the human owner to take care of them so be a human angel and take the best care of your animals as you possibly can.  How we treat the animals is most important to our most fragile world!

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner
Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Donkey Diet – Consider A Track


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Mammoth Donkey







Dream Big- Fixer Upper

A Surprise In The Hay

Our Barn is such a wonderful place, GOD has blessed our green barn with beautiful donkeys, horses and birds. The horses and donkeys are always busy and in need of some clean water, poop pick-up and of course food. Rocket Man is twenty-five a gray miniature donkey he wants a but rub.

Spring has arrived on the Donkey Whisperer Farm, the birds have returned to help combat fly’s and insects. The birds are busy building nests, chirping and planning for their children to be born. Spring brings the hope of a brand new beginning for humans and animals. Life is bursting with joy everywhere I look, I thank GOD for our farm and the blessings our farm brings.

This morning as I was preparing the morning meals for the donkeys and horses I noticed a different bird talking to me and looking down in the hay. This is not a barn swallow. The barn swallows place their babies up high in the barn. This mother bird has placed her nest in the middle of the hay stack. I will need to get my bird book out to determine what kind of bird she is.

The birds are a bit messy but they have a very important job now that spring has arrived and insects are bursting around the farm. Prepare a safe place for their babies and eat the flys and other insects. This really helps the horses and donkeys to live in a fly free zone. Nature is balance, without the birds we would have insects biting our horses and donkeys. I say come on in birds we love you. I will gladly clean up the bird poop if you will keep my farm insect free.

What A Donkey Needs


Take a look at our new Free Video “Bringing Your Donkey Home”

The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® trains the owner or caretaker world-wide how to set the farm up, train and care for donkeys via our on-line courses with E-training Video On Demand and E-books.  Select Our Store to enroll in our courses. Take us to the farm via any smart device including your smart cell phone.  Donkeys evolved from the desert, please learn everything you can to set your farm up, train and feed your donkeys. Donkeys are not horses with long ears. “Horses Dream Of Being Trained The Way A Donkey Demands To Be Trained” Melody Johnson, Trainer.

Donkeys come in two’s. After purchasing our donkeys I learned really quickly how limited information is available for the health, care and training of donkeys and mules thus the beginning of the Donkey Whisperer Farm a virtual hot spot of detailed information.

We were going along pretty good with our donkeys and horse until Melody Johnson survived an almost fatal car accident.  Suddenly we could no longer take the donkeys out for long walks.  Rio our mammoth donkey was not old enough to ride. Our donkeys started getting really fat. A fat donkey will suffer serious health issues and eventually death.  Horses need to have their weight monitored too or they will get the same health issues.  Donkeys tend to gain weight much faster than a horse and do not show any sign of illness until they are limping and can’t walk. Donkeys are stoic meaning they will not show pain until it is too late.

Why Share This Information?  Honestly donkeys do not make much money in our world unlike the horse with all the unique professions.  Vet’s really do not have much experience with donkeys in Vet school and the donkey is a left with people guessing what is needed.  Thanks to the horse world the donkeys are starting to benefit from all the equine science medicine.  Please do your part and share information to help a donkey or mule living in your part of the world.

The donkey who is free to eat brush, trees, deep grass will get sugar diabetes insulin resistance, laminitis the hoof falls apart, white line, abscesses and colic.  This is all preventable if we understand owning a donkey is like owning an exotic equine we must understand how much hay and what kind of hay to stay healthy.  Donkeys require a low sugar diet with clean water and salt along with exercise.

It is not wise to make donkeys live apart from their buddy. Donkeys bond for life. If the donkey needs to go to the vet take his buddy. 

Donkeys evolved in the desert GOD gave them big ears to hear the predator and to swoosh and cool them down in the hot desert heat.

Donkeys Care:

Please keep two donkeys, never one donkey. Donkeys are intelligent and get lonely and bored very easily.  Additionally, donkeys play different with another donkey than any other animal. Donkeys grab the neck in play and in battle. Donkeys need safe toys, a orange traffic cone, rubber bowl, jolly ball. Donkeys grab the neck and play tag and tug.

Low sugar hay no alfalfa hay ever no need for grain if they are not working hard.  Clean water, some clean loose salt keep dry in the shelter.

Hoof trim on a reg. basis just like the horse, vet checkup at least once a year. Dental at least once a year.

Hooves trimmed every seven weeks

Do not leave the halter on – teach the donkey to catch you

Need to see the vet at least once a year

Sedation can be tricky – Make sure your vet understands how much and the proper doses as death can occur or allergic reaction such as sweating and sneezing

Gelding a male donkey is vital to a happy life for a donkey, gelding is tricky  Make sure you have a donkey vet. Donkeys must be tied off and some can react odd to drugs.

Need the human to be have a friendly relationship with donkey before attempting to train – This does not mean letting the donkey boss the human around it’s all about balance and humane leadership

Need fecal test performed with the vet to see if they need to be wormed – I suggest not worming unless they need it have the fecal test confirm they need it

Shots West Nile is absolutely needed along with tetanus, please let the vet help you as each donkey and farm is unique

Shelter to get out of the heat, wind, rain and harsh weather

Equine Dentist at least once a year – Just like us people equine need the oral part taken care of or great infections, loss of life can occur resulting in a bigger vet bill with more tears

Meals to be on time.  We like to use the slow feeder they are never ever screaming and crying for more food as our current paddock is a dry paddock.  Be careful to get a slow feeder the donkey will not eat and chew on on.  I just found this slow feeder at Valley vet and it works perfectly.

Talked to, loved on and they make great counselors for us humans

Donkey Whisperer Farm, E-TRAINING take us to the farm with you. Select Donkey 101 & 102 VIDEO ON DEMAND.

Donkeys need the human to understand they think different and react different from the horse.  Donkeys are smart not stubborn. You can not force a donkey to do anything.  Donkeys are seriously into self-preservation. Feet do not move when scared and if really scared they will not eat or drink. Donkeys can be extroverted and over react. Donkeys can jump, kick and rear.

Stay ON DONKEY TIME ®. Never drill, betray or abuse your donkey.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!

Melody Johnson




Training A Donkey News

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Donkeys evolved in the desert and were given the gift of self-preservation in the form of the ability to think and problem solve. Donkeys must have a serious low sugar/protein diet. Donkeys need shelter, fresh clean water and warm water in the winter months. Donkeys are game players. Donkeys do not have the physical speed a horse has to out-run the predator.

Donkeys force humans to learn how to keep many tools in the training tool box. Never force a donkey as the next time you work with the donkey the donkey will not follow you as a leader. Never betray your donkey as your donkey will never forget anything you did or did not do to keep the donkey healthy and safe. First and most important issue is to help our donkey relax and trust us humans and their environment. Outstanding fences, gates and locks are a must as donkeys are visual learners and will quickly learn how to escape.

Humans must learn to set the donkey up for success. Reverse psychology is a must. Learn how to train using exercises and games along with the honor donkey. The three second rule is important along with ending short lessons on a good note. Stay On Donkey Time ® as tomorrow your donkey will show you what he/she has learned.

When a donkey is brought into a new home the donkey will pretend to know nothing. Why? The donkey is leading the human and will continue to lead as long as the human repeats the same mistake over and over. Remember donkeys evolved from the desert. Donkeys have the ability to think and plan full-time. Donkeys bond for life to humans and animals. Donkeys have photographic memories. Learn Donkey Behavior and your donkey will follow you anywhere you want to go.

Never abuse a donkey. Never betray a donkey. Never bribe a donkey. Learn donkey behavior, personality and psychology. Your donkey is waiting for you!

Select Donkey Whisperer Farm to order Donkey 101 & 102 video on demand. Take Melody Johnson, Donkey Behaviorist to the farm with you using any smart device. Print out the PDF booklet to learn valuable insights into your donkeys mind.

Foal Dies from Passerby Feeding Treats – Owner Spreading Word

Select Equine Dies From Pass Buyer Throwing Food Over The Fence

Why grass clippings are bad

But why is cut grass bad for horses? It doesn’t seem to make sense, since they eat mostly the same grass on the other side of the fence and the hay we feed is just cut and dried grasses. But even though the grass may technically be the same variety, it’s not the same as a fresh mouthful in your pasture or hay that’s been properly cured. The issues:

  • Grass from your lawn may contain fertilizers or anti-weed (herbicide) or anti-insect (pesticide) chemicals that should not be consumed by horses.
  • Recently cut grass doesn’t dry uniformly, leaving wet clumps that can ferment and grow mold and mildew. Microbes introduced this way can cause colic in horses. Unlike lawn clippings, hay grass is tetted and sometimes re-tetted (spread out evenly in a thin layer) and dried/cured in the field before baling.
  • A mouthful of small cuttings may be quickly consumed by a horse. The small, wet clumps can compact and stick in a horse throat. Hay or fresh grass is chewed in manageable amounts.
  • The horse digestive system works best with consistent feeding. It adapts well but not quickly (as in day-to-day). Sudden shifts can lead to digestive problems and laminitis.



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The Donkey Whisperer Farm ® is our small world-wide business. We serve the entire donkey loving world. Intellectual theft is alive and well on the internet. Brands, trademarks and business logo or phrases are important to help customers know they are purchasing from the business they trust.

We are excited to share the Donkey Whisperer Farm ® is now registered with the Trademark Office.

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®
On Donkey Time ®
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Please be careful before you purchase from any company using the words Donkey Time, Donkey Whisperer, or Donkey Whisperer Farm. Sadly the internet is a place of intellectual theft.


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Mammoth Donkey

Meet Rio our Mammoth donkey. Rio has been in our life since he was nine months old he turns thirteen this summer.

Interesting fact; Mammoth donkeys are rare as they are man-made. Standard or burro donkeys are the normal size donkeys. Miniature donkeys are man-made too. Rio is my riding donkey he stands 16’2 hands tall at the withers not the ears.

Donkeys are human healers. If you ever get the chance to meet a donkey I highly recommend it. Donkeys are truly gifts from God.


Donkey Whisperer Farm



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The Making Of On Donkey Time ® Signs – Handmade In The U.S.A.

  1. Our Steel fabricator makes each On Donkey Time ™ sign using 12 gauge steel. Next, each donkey receives a strong hanger welded on the back.
  2. The Powder Coating Team sand blasts each donkey.  Next a beautiful gray base color is painted and baked into the steel donkey.
  3. Bringing the Donkey to Life; Our artist Skip Hand Airbrushes and paints each On Donkey Time ™ sign.

Size 11″ x 16″

Weight 3 pounds

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Snow Storm February 2019 Donkey Whisperer Farm

The farm has changed to a white blue snow blanket. Seems everything has this new color and shape, all objects on the farm have 26 inches of snow and more to come. Yes, twenty-six inches of snow.

A week ago today the weather report changed from a mild winter to a wicked storm advisory. Living on a farm we must be 100% self-sufficient as this is farm life. We blanked all the equine donkeys and horses and prepared for the worst while praying for the best. The worst came within twenty-four hours we had 26 inches of snow on the farm. With this came weather in the teens. This is the kind of weather that makes pipes break its cold outside.

Donkeys evolved in the desert. Donkeys cannot take the weather when it drops into the 20’s or lower. Shelter is a must for all equine. Our horses live in a small paddock in the winter and they need a blanket too. All the donkeys and horses have taken to the snow with no problem including taking a little REM nap with their blankets on. The miniature donkeys do not like the snow. Why? The snow comes up to their bellies. The miniature donkeys stay in the barn. They have no interest in the cold snow.

Donkeys and horses prefer warm clean water. Salt is important to prevent colic. Hay, we feed with a slow feeder to prevent colic.

Select Cliff Mass Snow Storm 

The weather report says at least another seven days of this snow. The farm will survive but we are tired of it already. Poop must be picked up every day to avoid a mess and parasites. We are going to need the tractor to clean this mess up. Wow!

Life on a farm is never boring. Its work, and its love. We love our farm and the animals so very much.  We are looking forward to spring.



Mules Of The Grand Canyon