Why A Clean Farm Keeps Our Livestock Healthy

  1. Parasites are controlled as poop is picked up and composted each and every day. Helps with mud during the wet season too.
  2. Check the dates of all medicines used.
  3. Do not store chemicals, paint etc., in your barn.
  4. Make sure the warm water buckets are still working and replace as needed.

Domesticated animals need the owner to manage their farm.

In the wild the equine is free to walk fifteen to twenty-five miles a day. Living on our farm depending on the size of the farm can cause the pastures to get stressed quickly.

A sacrifice area will help during the winter season. Spring, summer and fall rotation of your pasture is a much needed plan. The grass will need to have a chance to grow again. Stressed grass is higher in sugar. Interesting don’t you think.

Most counties offer a farm plan program.

We highly suggest you ask for help to create a clean farm, mud free and keep your livestock healthy and happy.

Enjoy your farm as this is a gift from God in Jesus Christ name.


Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC


Why Is It Important To Keep Our Farm Clean?

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