Men Caught Punching, Abusing Wild Burros During Government BLM Roundup

Tax payer dollars at work! Sadly, this is how most humans with no education work with a donkey.  I use donkey psychology (donkey/humanality) and education of the human when working with the donkey.  Sadly most predators (humans) do NOT have the tools needed to work with a wild or domesticated donkey.  Donkeys, horses and mules require us humans to have empathy and compassion, set the equine up for success. 

Donkeys are not horses with long ears. Donkeys are Donkeys! Tears for these donkeys and the men working to capture them should be fired.

Please share this video on your page! We need to educate people, donkeys should never be treated this way, no animal or human should be treated this way.  

Select Video of Men rounding up wild donkeys.   THIS IS GRAPHIC




6 thoughts on “Men Caught Punching, Abusing Wild Burros During Government BLM Roundup

    • Sharing on your blog will help to stop this abuse of the tax payers dollars. I know you do not live in the U.S.A. but still people world-wide read your blog. Thank you so much Herman for supporting stopping this abuse of wild protected burros (donkeys) in the U.S.A.

    • I have no idea… The BLM hires wranglers to catch the wild horses, burros (donkeys). This makes me and all the animal, donkey, mule and horse lovers angry. Anger will not change anything what will make a change on how the donkeys, horses and mules are caught is education. We need to share this video and say no to the BLM for catching wild donkeys with this form of abuse.

      Thank you for sharing this post and trying to help us stop this form of abuse of any animal. The donkeys deserve to be treated with the respect. It is my goal to help educate and Stop this abuse.