All of the donkeys and horses are snug in their stalls. They have the choice to enter or stay and today they have made the choice to stay inside. The farm is cold, along with an arctic feeling breeze. Walking out the door and looking out our windows I see the beauty of winter and thank GOD we are warm and our donkeys and horses are warm. Warm (clean) water is very important to prevent colic along with some fresh lose salt and a slow feeder with hay.
Warning signs of a donkey, mule or horse needing a blanket and your attention:
  2. Diahreah
  3. Not eating or drinking, urinating
The sky has a light pink and blue tone to it as it is evening. The olympic mountains are simply a beauty for the eyes to see. Nothing in this world is as beautiful as a farm in my opinion. I love the farm. Soon it will be warm and time to cut hay again. Life on the Donkey Whisperer Farm has four-seasons. The bitter winter will end and spring will be back in full force. Select Check The Weather On The Donkey Whisperer Farm (Weather Underground) Thank you for reading the Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog. I enjoy sharing our little farm with the world as each of the animals and the farm is a blessing from Jesus Christ. Today was a great day to rest, read and sit by the fireplace. 🙂 Today was such a blessing as we are finally home. Such a wonderful and beautiful day to sit and watch the snow and the fire. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to get to live. GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!
Melody Johnson, Trainer/Owner Donkey Whisperer Farm ®

Winter On The Donkey Whisperer Farm Feb 2018

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