Rope Halters vs Flat Halters



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With the huge movement of “natural” horsemanship, rope halters have become quite popular as a training aid. They work on pressure points on the Donkey, Mule and Horse’s face. No need to use a rough rope that causes the nose to bleed. We make soft yacht rope which works but is humane.

Donkeys, horses and mules can push into pressure, crowding the human and or dragging the human around. Equine learn quickly how to read the human and lead the human.

The rope halter that fits the donkey, mule or horse will speed up your leadership skills and training time. In fact the moment the equine feels a perfect fitting soft rope halter on their face changes. They can feel the difference.

The rope halter is one training tool.
Teaching the owner to learn how to release pressure. Feel and give clear feedback is what I call the 3 second rule. Select

 We are working on Donkey 102 now for the feet and more.The flat halter works like a dog on a harness, we have all seen a large dog dragging the human around on a harness.

The donkey is strong, stronger than most horses his or her size. Donkeys, horses and mules learn quickly they are stronger than their owner or caretaker. The flat halter has no pressure points.

One of the most common things I see with the spoiled, naughty or fearful donkey is dragging the human around. This is frustrating and dangerous.

Most donkeys never see a halter unless it is time for the vet, trimmer or to move to a new farm. We created E-TRAINING DONKEY 101 to change this. When the Donkey Whisperer Farm students go out to the farm the donkey comes running. This is time to have fun, be with their human leader.

The Donkey Whisperer Farm, LLC trains the owner or caretaker to train the donkey using resistant free methods based on the personality of the owner and the donkey. Behavior training for the owner is essential to success.

Donkeys are strong, smart not stubborn. You must have a plan to train a donkey. Donkeys are not horses with long ears.

Donkeys that are trained will release from pressure. Ground tie. Send into a stall, pasture or horse trailer easily.

Please never leave any halter on your donkey, horse or mule while turned out on the farm to avoid self-mutilation or death.


Flat Halter Vs Rope Halter

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